6 Things Related to Diet That Make Your P ‘weak’

There are many things that can affect your erection, whether it’s the habit of smoking, lazy exercise or drugs that are often consumed. But this does not just stop there.

Another factor that can ‘kill’ your sexual arousal is food. Not just the type, but also how much food is consumed and how often we eat it has an effect.


Here’s how the diet or food affects your sexual health, as quoted from Men’s Health, Monday (5/3/2018).
1. Too much junk food
Jamin Brahmbhatt, MD, urologist from Orlando Health affirms, a healthy heart also means healthy sex. Because the ideal sexual relationship requires strength, stamina and endurance.

But if the heart is problematic, suppose the blood vessel is blocked, it can also block blood flow to your penis and cause erectile dysfunction. The blockage may be caused by eating foods high in fat and rich in added sugar.

2. Switch to decaf
Caffeine intake a person turned out to have an impact on blood circulation. A study by the American Heart Association says people who drink caffeinated coffee (around 100 mg of caffeine) have increased blood flow by 30 percent within 75 minutes of drinking, and this does not apply to those who switch to non-caffeine coffee (decaf ).

Experts theorize that caffeine can improve blood vessel function and reduce inflammation, which is equally good for the heart. As explained earlier, a healthy heart also guarantees a healthy sex life as well.

3. Most drink
Not drinking water lho, but drink alcohol. Dr Brahmbhatt reminded that alcohol is classified as a depressant, which means it can ‘make you numb to sexual stimulation and disrupt blood flow to and from the penis’.

Even a study says that chronic alcoholic drinking habits can permanently damage cells in the testicles, which can affect your ability to fertilize your partner.

4. Often eat sweet foods
First, a high sugar diet will affect cardiovascular health, thereby decreasing the health of your genitals. Second, sugar can lower libido by reducing the amount of testosterone present. Evident from the results of research conducted in 2013, after consuming 75 grams of sugar decreased testosterone to 25 percent, and this usually lasts about 2 hours.

“This does not include sugar crashes, when you eat high amounts of sugar, because sugar will turn off the nerves that should alert you and instead turn on the nerves that make you drowsy.This is what makes you more tired,” explained Joshua Gonzalez, MD, urologist from Los Angeles.

5. Eat big portions
Dr Brahmbhatt insists eating large portions will slow down your performance on the bed. “If you overeat, especially carbohydrates and sugar, you will crash and feel too tired to do everything except lie down and sleep,” he explained.

This limp is not only obtained from the number of portions of food consumed but also the effects of the consumption of carbohydrates that can raise the blood sugar quickly. When the body tries to fight by pumping more insulin, then this condition will only make you more tired.

6. Being vegan
One of the unexpected ‘side effects’ of stopping meat or animal products is vitamin D deficiency, which can have an adverse effect on your penis.

A study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine says vitamin D deficiency can indeed increase the risk of erectile dysfunction. Because when the levels of vitamin D in the body is not fulfilled, the body will not produce enough nitric oxide, but this has an important role on the performance of blood vessels

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